Among Equals 2 Needle Bilum Bag 1557

Among Equals 2 Needle Bilum Bag 1557

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Behind every Among Equals Bag comes with a story from its creator .The 2 Needle design is a legend, telling the story of two orphans, a brother and a sister. As they don’t have a mother to teach the sister how to weave Bilum, the brother suggests that she spies on the village women to watch them and learn their techniques. The sister did just that and now she knows the art of Bilum weaving.

This Bilum has been handwoven from acrylic and wool yarn as well as upcycled knitwear using traditional weaving techniques.

The Two Needle Bilum has a Large size body and medium strap length, the perfect weekender.


43cm wide

43cm high

87cm strap