Amouage Honour Woman 100ml

Amouage Honour Woman 100ml

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Eau de Parfum

By Amouage


Honour Woman is a white floral fragrance inspired by the tragic predicament of Madame Butterfly.  The white floral is used to signify the discourse of Madame Butterfly’s love.  Tuberose is used to represent danger. Jasmine means attachment.  Gardenia is secret love.  Lily of the Valley is purity of heart. White carnation is innocence and faithfulness. On another level, the white floral represents a tragic love in which honour, fidelity and innocence have been betrayed.  A resin base of frankincense, amber and opoponax is used to represent the tragic end of Madame’s Butterfly “To Die With Honour”.



Top notes of coriander, pepper and rhubarb.

Heart notes of carnation, gardenia, jasmine, lily of the valley and tuberose.

Base notes of leather, vetiver, amber, frankincense and opoponax.


Scent Type Woody Oriental

Perfumer Alexandra Carlin and Violaine Collas

Year 2011


SIZE: 100ml

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