Amouage Memoir Women 100ml

Amouage Memoir Women 100ml

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Eau de Parfum

By Amouage

Together, the Memoir fragrances offer a new interpretation of the ‘space’ between man and woman.  Romance and nostalgia are replaced by a challenging portrayal of tension, flux and interconnectedness.  These are modern, innovative fragrances that veer away from the traditional constructs of sentimentality or ‘sexiness’ in favour of new objectivity and individuality.


Top notes of mandarin, cardamom, pepper (pink/rose), absinthe.

Heart notes of jasmine, orange blossom, white flower accord, clove, woody notes, pepper, frankincense.

Base notes of leather, oakmoss, castoreum, cistus labdanum (rockrose), musk, fenugreek and styrax.

Scent Type Mossy Woods

Perfumer Daniel Maurel and Dorothée Piot

Year 2010

SIZE: 100ml

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