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Creed Aventus 100ml

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Eau de Parfum by Creed

The most popular fragrance ever created in the history of the House of Creed, Aventus is a fragrance for men – also adored by women – celebrating strength, power, vision, and success. Introduced in 2010, Creed’s Aventus is inspired by the dramatic life of a historic emperor who waged war, peace, and romance on his terms, riding on horseback to victory. The unrivaled Aventus is comprised of superb ingredients, a worldly blend, and must-have for the individual who savours a life well-lived. (Father's Scents Special)

Top notes: bergamot, apple, blackcurrant berries, and pineapple.
Heart notes: jasmine, rose, birch, and patchouli.
Base notes: oakmoss, ambergris, musk and vanilla.

Olfactive family: Aromatic Fougere

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