Gardenia Robert Piguet

Gardenia Robert Piguet

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Gardenia de Robert Piguet beguiles with deep allure. The raw scent of Gardenia essence ebbs with nuances of lily and Ylang Ylang for a hypnotic beginning. The scent draws deeper to the core of the exquisite white flower as Madagascar vanilla sensualizes and rounds the heart. Finally, black leather, Cashmeran and softly spiced woods lead the fragrance to an unwavering denouement. Like a first kiss, Gardenia de Robert Piguet leaves a profound memory—unique and silent but filled with passion.


Top notes of Lily and Ylang Ylang

Heart notes of Gardenia

Base notes of Cashmeran, Black Leather, Madagascan Vanilla

Scent Type  Floral

Perfumer  Aurelian Guichard

Year  2014

SIZE: 100ml