Idole Lubin 100ml

Idole Lubin 100ml

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Eau de Parfum

By Lubin


Superstar perfumer Olivia Giacobetti offers a unique twist to the already successful and admired Eau de Toilette version.  Idole Eau de Parfum is a smoldering composition conveying the exhilarating sense of discovery and the intoxicating beauty of the tropics originally released in 2005, the fragrance unfolds as a series of vignettes, from the monsoon drenched jungle to the smoky incense of a sacrificial offering.


Top notes of rum absolute, saffron, bitter orange peel and black cumin entice the wearer onto a danger-filled journey while middle notes of doum palm, smoked ebony and sugar cane juxtapose an air of lightness with masculine base notes of leather and red sandalwood.



Top notes of Rum Absolute, Saffron, Bitter Orange Peel, Black Cumin

Middle notes of Doum Palm, Smoked Ebony, Sugar Cane

Base notes of Leather, Red Sandalwood


Scent Type  Woody Oriental

Perfumer  Olivia Giacobetti

Year  2011


SIZE: 100ml

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