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Rabens Saloner Jasmin Knit in Navy Combo

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Stay warm and cosy while standing out in the dazzling hand-dyed hazey knit boxy sweater.The Jasmin Knit by Rabens Saloner has been crafted from a soft wool-blend, the knitted sweater is defined by a relaxed fit with a round neckline, a boxy torso and long sleeves. The hazey print is created in Nepal using traditional dying techniques carried on for generations. The print is made on a finished washed navy ,  the first thing the artisans do is to dye the solid colour. Afterwards, the fabric is wrinkled tight, so it looks like a tiny football. A cotton string is then gathered tightly around the 'football' so only a few spots of the fabric is visible. Now the 'football' is carefully dip-dyed in a tub of colour. Due to the tied fabric, the dye turns out very characteristic and completely unique.

50% wool/50% sartuul

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