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Rabens Saloner Nada Dress in Aluminium

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The Rabens Saloner Nada dress has a relaxed yet most feminine fit, the hand-dyed sprinkle drawstring dress dress delivers the perfect am to pm-dress.

Crafted from a light-weighted viscose , the effortlessly chic dress is defined by an oversized fit with gathered waistline. It works a deep neck, voluminous sleeves and rounded edges.

As goes for all our dyes, the sprinkle dye is created in our dye house. This spotted dye is created by hand using a technique, where the artisan, holding a stick of colour, makes a modest twist with the wrist, leaving small dots of colour on the fabric. Balancing the power of the wrist is key in order for the spots to be alike. Every piece is unique and makes your new style one of kind.

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