Robert Piguet Notes

Robert Piguet Notes

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As with music, a great perfume is more than the sum of its notes. However, in contrast to musical melody, the quality of perfume notes is essential for a memorable experience. Notes de Robert Piguet is a tribute to some of the most exquisite materials in the perfumer’s palette, a fragrance of exceptional harmony and beauty. The high pitched prelude of bergamot and clary sage sets the stage for the gentle aria of orange flower and geranium. The exhilarating start leads to the sonorous timbre of oakmoss and tonka bean. The dark tones of costus further deepen the composition, while the green clarity of vetiver lends it an elegant counterpoint. Warm and luxurious, Notes de Robert Piguet is a kaleidoscope of sensations.


Top notes of Bergamot, Clary Sage.

Heart notes of Geranium, Orange Flower, Costus.

Base notes of Oak, Vetiver, Tonka Bean

Scent Type  Aromatic

Perfumer  Aurelien Guichard

SIZE: 100ml

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