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Urban Apothecary London Fig Tree Candle

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The Urban Apothecary Fig Tree candle is both Fresh and reviving. At first the green and crisp scent of fan-shaped fig leaves tree top canopy rises. Nest the senses are drawn down through nuances of milky coconut and fruity-floral violet, the scented impression of figs luscious purple fruit. Finally, cedarwood imagines the scent of tree bark, while powdery orris provides the earthiness from which this figgy fragrance grows.

The Luxury Urban Apothecary collection has been hand poured in a hand blown black glass, using natural soy wax and a cotton wick. Each 300g candle will Fragrance your space for up to 60 hours.

Top: Fig leaves, Eucalyptus, Cardamon

Middle: Coconut, Violet, Orris

Base: Cedarwood, Cinnamon, Clove

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