Cashmere Women’s Sweaters and Why Buying One is Worth It

Cashmere Women’s Sweaters and Why Buying One is Worth It

A cashmere women’s sweater might cost considerably more than a good wool sweater, and you may be wondering whether the extra investment is worth it.

Our take? It’s definitely worth it. Cashmere sweaters are soft and cosily warm. Since they are lightweight, they are also breathable, regulating the amount of warmth so you won't overheat.

But there’s more – let’s dive deeper.

What is Cashmere?

Cashmere comes from the downy undercoat of specifically bred goats – cashmere goats. Its fibres are fine, soft, and lighter than most premium-quality sheep's wool. What’s more, cashmere is up to eight times more insulating than wool.

As such, a cashmere garment is softer, warmer, more lightweight, and more breathable than its wool alternative.

Cashmere Women’s Sweaters are Luxurious

It is easy to associate the high price point of cashmere clothing with luxury. But there is more to it than the price tag. Beautiful designs and versatility give cashmere sweaters their expensive aura.

A quality cashmere women's sweater is an undeniable elevation of your entire wardrobe. It'll make the outfits that seemed old and simple pop and feel fresh again.

They are Lightweight, Warm, and Dreamily Soft

The undercoat of goats – from where cashmere comes – is adapted to provide protection from the cold during winter. This gives cashmere amazing insulating properties. And since the fibres are way thinner than human hair, cashmere is also lightweight and breathable -- desirable qualities that make the best garment for the modern woman.

You can wear it all day: it’ll be warm for the chilly mornings, breathable enough during a warm midmorning, and complete your elegant look when out for a meeting with clients in the afternoon. In addition to how comfortably soft it feels, the little extra springing for cashmere is worth it.

They are Designed to Last

Cashmere, when cared for properly, can last for decades. So, if the idea of keeping your luxury clothing in the family appeals to you, a good quality cashmere women’s sweater is an ideal option.

An integral part of caring for cashmere clothing to ensure its longevity involves reworking or tailoring. The good news is, unlike wool, a seamstress or a tailor can easily work a quality cashmere, whether it requires repairs or repurposing.

Cashmere Women’s Sweaters are Timeless

A quality classic cashmere sweater will stand the test of time. Besides its durability, cashmere will make an outfit combination look fresh and stylish a couple of years down the line.

The extra investment in quality and elegance will be worthwhile in the long run. In fact, considering its value vis-a-vis longevity, your cashmere sweater may turn out to be the cheapest piece in your collection.

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