How to Wear a Scarf and 7 Styling Tips To Look Your Best

how to wear a scarf and 7 styling tips - Harpers Emporium

A scarf is a piece of clothing worn around the neck for style and warmth. A neck scarf can be worn either as a complement or as a statement piece in an outfit.

While many outfits would look great with a scarf, most women have a hard time knowing how to choose a type of scarf and its styling. If you fall in this category, this guide is curated to show you how to wear scarves and complete your best look.

Types of Scarves

Knowledge of the different types of scarves will guide your collection of the best pieces for your outfits. They are categorized based on their materials and styles.

Wool scarf

Wool closely relates to warmth. As such, this is the scarf you put on to keep warm in cool weather. A common feature of wool scarves is fringe at their ends.

Cotton scarf

This type of scarves is among the most popular of them all. They are versatile and can seamlessly go well with jeans, chinos, leggings, and more. They are breathable and can be worn in warm weather or bundled for additional warmth.

Chiffon scarf

Chiffon is a lightweight material whose scarves are worn to create a flowy look. They are ideal for completing a summer look.

Cashmere scarf

If you are looking for luxury in a scarf, one made from cashmere is a good place to start. Cashmere is made from the undercoat fibres of cashmere goats. This makes them lightweight yet warm. Cashmere scarves feature subtle designs with attention to detail for elegance.

Pashmina scarf

Unlike knit scarves that tend to be bulky, pashmina scarves are soft and cosy. They are thin but warm, making them a less chunky option for cold weather.

Infinity scarf

This is a circular scarf wrapped more than once around the neck for the desired look.

Blanket scarf

From its name, a blanket scarf is as big as a blanket. When wearing it around your neck, you can choose to bundle it up as a wrap or use it as a cover-up for warmth.

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7 Ways to Wear and Style a Scarf

There are no styling approaches set to stone when wearing your favourite style. Go with what works for your outfit and makes you comfortable. However, if you're unsure where to start, here are a few popular options.

The loose knot

The loose knot is the go-to style when you wear your scarf on a warm day. Fold the scarf in half along its length and drape it over your neck. Thread the loose ends through the loop and tug them slightly to create a knot.

Double knot

The double knot is ideal for additional warmth in the evenings or cool weather. Create a "U" shape with one end of your scarf around your neck and over your right shoulder and the other end over your left shoulder.

Twist the “U” to create an eight and thread each end of the scarf through each hole. Tighten the knot to your preferred level of comfort.

Low hanging knot

It's easy to create a low-hanging knot with large scarves. These allow room for experimenting and finding your comfort zone. Try out different knots while letting them hang low.


Another elegant option for styling your scarf is draping it over the back of your neck. This style makes the ends of the scarf hand along the sides of your body.

One side over the shoulder

When working with a long scarf, you can drape it over your neck and put one end over the opposite shoulder.

Square scarf

To create a square scarf, fold it in half and toss each end of the scarf around the back of your neck so they hang down over the opposite shoulder. This style complements a blazer or a button-down shirt.

Wear it like a shawl

This style is best with blanket scarves. Drape it over your shoulder for a free-flowing style or use a belt to have a structured look.

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