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BONDI BORN The missions of Bondi Born has always been simple: to create stylish, luxurious swimwear that makes every woman feel attractive, beautiful, and confident displaying their bodies. Their understated, exclusive designs are now available at Harpers Emporium in Perth, where the Sydney-based label has carved out a niche for women that live life to the fullest, whether at work or at play. The creative forces responsible for the Bondi Born look utilize the latest technology sourced from throughout the world to sculpt immaculate swimwear that is made by artisans that celebrate the female form for the perfect silhouette. Attention...

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YASMIN RAQUEL Simplicity in sophistication mixed with a bohemian spirit that revels in femininity is the mantra of the Yasmin Raquel brand, an Australia-based company known for producing womenswear made from natural fibers. The label is a sartorial lovesong to the coastal allure of the country, and is now based in Harpers Emporium in Perth for women that appreciate relaxed lines and effortless charm. The laidback attitude and celebration of premium fabrics can be seen in every piece produced by the brand, and since 2012, Yasmin Raquel has incorporated quality materials to create finely crafted apparel that exude the effervescence...

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MAYA MCQUEEN Inspired by the birth of Maya McQueen, a collection of handcrafted suede loafers was created. Launched by Domenique Nestel and Mardi McQueen in Melbourne, the label has now expanded to include an eclectic mix of fall/winter boots, wedges, summer espadrilles, womenswear, sandals, fragrances, accessories, and much more. Now available at Harpers Emporium in Perth, Australia, the Maya McQueen collection is perfect for the quintessential modern spirit. What makes the Maya McQueen line so unique? The brand embraces both traditional shoe styles as well as re-workings of classic styles in addition to more Bohemian options. By working in tandem...

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AMOUAGE Boasting a heritage that can be traced back to the early days of Oman, Amouage is a luxury parfumerie that is regarded as one of the premium labels worldwide. This trailblazing Arabian brand is available internationally and at Harpers Emporium in Perth, Australia, where a wide selection of their award-winning products is available for customers Down Under that demand quality and attention to detail. By crafting innovative fragrances using only premium ingredients, Amouage has continued to employ an intricate system to tell a distinct story through each of the products they offer. Notable products include aromatic scents from the...

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CREED Across seven generations, the Creed family has established themselves at the forefront of creating immaculate fragrances for royal houses and the upper echelons of society. With boutiques in premium retailers across the world from Paris to London, New York, and beyond, The House of Creed is available at Harpers Emporium in Perth Australia for discerning patrons with impeccable taste. Founded in London in 1760 by James Henry Creed, the company has been at the forefront of fragrance worldwide for well over two centuries. Utilising ancient techniques that capture the true essence of scents, Creed has been worn by royalty...

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