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MALENE BIRGER A mixture of revelry, sophistication, and a hint of the avant garde, By Malene Birger is a brand that celebrates the immense power that lies in every woman to live life to the fullest. Elegance and inspiration are the cornerstone of the brand, which is geared towards the successful, fashion forward woman. Now available at Harpers Emporium, the Danish label is perfectly suited for the modern woman. The creative team behind By Malene Birger incorporates refined fabrics and handcrafted detailing with every piece in their collections sed to produce their signature relaxed silhouette. Every aspect of elegance is...

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ALEX MONROE Impeccably designed, delicately crafted, and the epitome of originality, Alex Monroe jewellery is celebrated for conveying the finer aspects of British style for thirty years. Now a globally iconic brand, the label creates pieces that are imaginative, feminine, and quirky enough to set them apart from the crowd. The label has carved a niche as a trendsetter in the industry, and now Harpers Emporium in Perth carries the brand for upscale women that are looking to buy quality pieces that make a style statement. Handmade in England by the designer and his team of creative professionals, the Alex...

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ACE & JIG Drawing inspiration from locales across the world, Ace & Jig is a label that produces environmentally friendly apparel that resonates with the fashion forward and empowered woman. The textiles the brand uses are produced in India to create singular fabrics that are hand-woven to showcase their award-winning aesthetic. Now available at Harpers Emporium in Perth, Australia, the brand has attracted a large following worldwide that speaks to the discerning woman with upscale taste. In their pursuit of unique patterns and expert craftsmanship, Ace & Jig has cultivated a following by utilizing the best fabrics available to design...

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