Proving that slow fashion can be big business, Cashmerism is a label that has carved a niche in the market for generations creating quality knitwear for women that is singular and transformative. Based in Australia and available at Harpers Emporium in Perth, Australia, the brand began and remains a company that stands by its principles of merging stylish clothes with quality materials.

Cashmere is what Cashmerism is known for, with their clothes created using 100% pure Mongolian long fibre found in Northern Mongolia. The fibers are spun in such a way that they are extremely durable over time with proper care and management, a claim that few other brands can attest to. The label also offers a cashmere clinic to all of their customers to treat the fabric, no matter where it originated, further testament to Cashmerisms dedication to quality materials. For women that want the comfort of cashmere and durability that they can trust in, the label offers their products at Harpers Emporium with an expansive selection of stock for all tastes.

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