Devotion Twins

Devotion Twins skillfully and harmoniously marries the rich Greek heritage with modernity in their fashion collection. The brand’s signature style incorporates classic values and symbols – minimal shapes, clean lines, and geometric patterns – unique to the Greek civilization in fabrics and embroideries. 
The designer, Athina Parnasa, founded the collection in 2013 and named it after her twin sons. Early on, she set off to create modern collections that fit the aesthetics and lifestyle of every season. From her first productions, Athina's style featured sharp tailoring to enhance natural confidence and femininity, a quality that’s evident in Devotion Twins. 
The designer is keen on recognizing trends early and creating contemporary fashion for the modern and well-informed woman. Devotion Twins is part of a boho lifestyle that includes productions of home accessories, beach towels, bags, and more. The brand's ethos focuses on responsibility, honesty, and sustainability. 
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