Impossible to categorise, luxuriously produced, and highly wearable, Lee Mathews is an Australian brand that has committed itself to ultra-feminine apparel for women since its launch in 2001. Based in Sydney and available at Harpers Emporium in Perth, the label offers timeless designs made from premium quality silks, cottons, and linens for the confident, fashion forward woman.

The philosophy behind the Lee Mathews woman is simple – understated confidence through clothing that produces a singular aesthetic. In other words? Avoid the conventional to make a singular mark that is ideal for the professional woman on a mission. In only a few short years, the brand has carved a formidable niche in the industry that stands in a league of its own. The Lee Mathews look is inspired by vintage fashion, celebrating a philosophy that utilises an expansive colour palette and measures silhouettes to accentuate the feminine form.

The confidence and refined tastes of the Lee Mathews line are available at several stores throughout Australia, including Harpers Emporium, which carries an excellent selection of stock for customers to choose from. All of the essential elements of the upscale woman of style and substance can be found at Lee Mathews and their impressive collection.

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