Les Tricots d’O

Les Tricots d'O is big on feminine sensuality and strength. The brand uses colour to share a positive message to the world and serve as a beacon of light in dark times. This fundamental value inspired the founder, Nathalie Odette, who started knitting during an illness. 
Today Les Tricots d’O involves the work of several different knitters, all with unique and stylish creations that tell the same story. The brand’s mantra: Let us hug you explains why it is a love brand. Their cardigans are made from the softest mohair with keen attention to quality. 
Odette's free-spiritedness and openness inspire experimentations and explorations. As such, Les Tricots d'O offers wide variations in their productions. You will find short and long cardigans, some with discreet colours and others with daring colour combinations. 
Moreover, Les Tricots d’O appreciates every woman’s uniqueness, and as a champion for individuality and expression, the brand’s creations transcend social rank and status with a universal declaration of love: Let us hug you. There is something for every woman and any fashion look. Browse the assortment of Les Tricots d'O cardigans on the Harpers Emporium store.