Mes Demoiselle Paris

The challenge to merge cultures through woven fabrics is a talent that Mes Demoiselles has truly taken to the next level. The Paris-based label has struck a chord worldwide, and is now available at Harpers Emporium in Perth, Australia for women that want a full range of natural clothes that are lightweight, soft, and sensual.
The ability to adapt with the times yet retain core values in production is what sets Mes Demoiselles apart from other brands, and their traditional techniques are steeped in the Indian culture, which places emphasis on ethereal clothing that celebrates movement and the true essence of a woman. The attention to detail includes a liberal use of colors that extend from earth tones to vibrant dyed hues on fabrics from soft cotton to luxurious silk.
For authentic apparel that takes wearers on a sartorial journey, Harpers Emporium has added Mes Demoiselles to its formidable range of impressive labels that offer the selection that fashion forward women deserve.