Tangent GC

Inspired by childhood memories of the founder’s grandfather, Tangent GC redefines garment care. The rise of mass-produced low-quality clothing has pushed many people to overlook the need to take care of their garments. But this doesn’t need to be the case. Lately, the practice of taking care of clothing and shoes has been on the rise, and that is where Tangent GC comes in.
Tangent GC get their motivation from the fact that you don't need to have many products if you are not ready to take care of all of them. Instead, why not have a few for which you can care? To make your care regimen even better, the company uses natural ingredients in making their soaps: cellulose gum, pure vegetable oils, lye, water and salt.

The manufacturer’s assortment of clothing and shoe care products would be ideal for everyone, especially those who value zero wastage. With this brand, you get quality shoe brushes and other shoe-care products, fabric softeners, detergents, among others.
With an eco-friendly approach to garment care, Tangent GC products are made of non-synthetic chemicals and non-petroleum bases. They give your clothes and shoes unparalleled care and durability making them the go-to products if you are looking to maintain the quality of your shoes and fabrics. Better yet, your investment in quality clothing and shoes becomes worthy.