Tom Dixon

The British designer, Tom Dixon, is mostly known for his eponymous line of furniture and lighting founded in 2002. His brand has grown over the years with outlets in over 60 countries worldwide. The founder’s creativity with an urge to push the traditional boundaries has made him stand out, and his latest venture into bathrooms and kitchens is no different.

The new washing product line is aimed at complementing an interior’s comfort, colors, and design. As it turns out, this is something the designer has been thinking about even before the founding of the Tom Dixon brand. In effect, the brand is now divided into three main segments, Lid for storage, Spot for lighting, and Wash for soaps.
Inspired by Dixon's experience working with many hotels, spars, and apartments, the new product line features washing-up liquids, hand washes, hand balms, and a variety of gift sets. All these are designed around the brand’s signature scents: Royalty, London, and Orientalist.

All three product ranges put emphasis on detoxification with ingredients such as black clay and charcoal, rosehip oil, honey, and oud wood, among others. Borrowing from the brand’s Lid line, the multifunctional storage containers of these sweet-smelling soaps are perfect complements. They are made from glass and marble for a chic finish. What’s more, they come with waterproof lighting and copper plating as well as LED bulbs and glass lenses.