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MES DEMOISELLE PARIS The challenge to merge cultures through woven fabrics is a talent that Mes Demoiselles has truly taken to the next level. The Paris-based label has struck a chord worldwide, and is now available at Harpers Emporium in Perth, Australia for women that want a full range of natural clothes that are lightweight, soft, and sensual. The ability to adapt with the times yet retain core values in production is what sets Mes Demoiselles apart from other brands, and their traditional techniques are steeped in the Indian culture, which places emphasis on ethereal clothing that celebrates movement and...

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CIRE TRUDON   As THE premier candlemaker in the world, Cire Trudon has been at the forefront of the industry for centuries. The Paris-based boutique incorporates intricate traditional techniques to produce signature scents that are now available at Harpers Emporium in Perth, Australia, where the best of their collection has been included alongside an exclusive coterie of noted labels worldwide. Hand-poured and packaged to perfection, these candles tell a unique story at the heart of Cire Trudon, spanning generations of history that is told through each product with a customized, handwritten note. Each candle is covered by glass cloche jars...

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MEGAN PARK Committed to producing immaculate apparel that is intricately designed to capture the bohemian spirit, Megan Park was established in London twenty years ago and is comprised of a small group of in-house artisans that produce pieces tailored to perfection. Now available at Harpers Emporium in Perth, Australia, the brand has impressed with each successive season, offering garments that evoke luxury and precision in production. The Megan Park woman is altogether timeless, modern, and definitively feminine – the label has widened its reach to now include jewellery, children’s apparel, and a house collection as a lifestyle brand.Beautiful clothing and...

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JOHNNY WAS Contemporary clothing that celebrates the bohemian spirit, an array of cultures, and authenticity can be found at Johnny Was, a brand soaked in the California lifestyle yet with a global perspective. Currently available in Harpers Emporium in Perth, Australia, the label offers premium fabrics, detailed embroidery, and silhouettes that are perfect for modern women of all sizes. The mantra that inspiration and beauty can be found anywhere exists in the creative process behind Johnny Was, which seeks to defy the conventional and straddle between the vintage and the modern to produce hand-stitched pieces from peasant blouses and tunics,...

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PLACE NATIONALE The knowledge of vintage apparel and an appreciation for fabric and lace has served as the cornerstone to the design philosophy of British label Place Nationale. Since the launch of the company in London, the label has made a name in the industry by creating exquisitely produced pieces that are frilly, feminine, and timelessly chic. Each collection from Place Nationale features pieces that are singular in both their look and the approach used to produce them. From French lace trim to embroidered British cotton, there is a history sewn into each piece that honors the vintage materials used...

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