Impeccably designed, delicately crafted, and the epitome of originality, Alex Monroe jewellery is celebrated for conveying the finer aspects of British style for thirty years. Now a globally iconic brand, the label creates pieces that are imaginative, feminine, and quirky enough to set them apart from the crowd. The label has carved a niche as a trendsetter in the industry, and now Harpers Emporium in Perth carries the brand for upscale women that are looking to buy quality pieces that make a style statement.

Handmade in England by the designer and his team of creative professionals, the Alex Monroe brand looks to the beauty of Mother Nature and her surroundings to produce signature jewellery that celebrates its intricacies. His eponymous jewellery line has adorned some of the world’s most famous stars, with The Bumblebee necklace from the Original Sin collection regarded as the most popular piece from the label. The Alex Monroe aesthetic is one that recognises and lauds the British sense of irreverence, nostalgia, and playfulness to create expertly crafted necklaces, earrings, pendants, and more.

What sets the Alex Monroe label apart from others is their commitment to using only the finest previous metals combined with jewellery techniques that are traditional – the principle collection available in Sterling Silver, gold-plated, or mixed metal finishes. Over the years, the label has earned the respect of customers with their commitment to providing a personal touch to produce a truly individual design that is made from a place of love and affordably priced.

As a globally recognised brand, Alex Monroe is available in over 100 boutiques worldwide, with a strong presence in Italy, Switzerland, France, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, as well as Perth, Australia, where Harpers Emporium keeps a large stock across all seasons. For women that are searching for iconic, unparallelled jewellery, Alex Monroe represents exceptional design and sophistication.

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