La Bottega Di Brunella

La Bottega Di Brunella

Started in Positano, Italy, La Bottega Di Brunella has been producing elegant organic linen and cotton clothes for more than 60 years now. This family-owned brand was founded by Brunella and Vito with a passion, strong enough to be passed down to their sons and daughters.

This Italian fashion house is renowned for producing quality men's women's and children clothing filled with not only originality and character but also warmth. There is no doubt the brand is fuelled by creativity and passion, and every product from the company reflects nothing less.

The long-maintained culture of giving their all in their products can be attributed to the long craft tradition that sees the entire production process done inhouse. This covers everything from the yarn to the end product. To make sure that the brand upholds its quality, the manufacturer uses the expertise of professional designers with a streamlined and efficient support system.

If you want to get a picture of the La Bottega Di Brunella designs, you need to think about the sweet Sixties but with the modern trends and touch of elegance. What’s more, you get quality, luxurious fabrics and comfort.

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