The artisan approach to creating luxurious, handmade garments with premium fabrics is a continually evolving journey of the Rabens Saloner brand. By forging relationships with small artisans throughout Asia, Danish brand Rabens Saloner has brought their womenswear to an international audience. Currently featured at Harpers Emporium in Perth, the line is noted for its formidable use of color and expert craftsmanship.
The creations of Rabons Saloner are instantly recognizable, with the team of artisans producing apparel that intricately combines tones and fabrics to an exciting mix that represents the region of the world it was handcrafted in. Each collection is a process that involves journeys to exotic locales and incorporates the DNA of the communities by weaving it into the fabrics. The pieces are a proud display of the heart and immense talents of local designers that constantly evolves organically.
The spirit of the East and the rich cultures it has to offer lives deep with the Rabons Saloner aesthetic, each collection seeking to connect women to their inner strength, sense of adventure, and personality. Women that want to look and feel great in their clothes can now purchase directly from the label at Harpers Emporium in Perth, where they offer a wide selection of Rabons Saloner apparel.