Grisette Lubin 100ml

Grisette Lubin 100ml

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Eau de Parfum

By Lubin


Familiar figures in the streets of 19th centur y Paris, grisettes were the youthful, fresh‑faced girls who worked in the capital’s sewing workshops. They were full of joie de vivre and wore grey calico frocks that gave them their nickname.


On sunny days, when the workshop bell rang, they would rush off in pursuit of adventure in the bars of Montmartre and the guinguettes on the Marne, where they would dance to the strains of the accordion.


These fun-loving creatures paired up with the bohemian students in the Latin Quarter, and provided the inspiration for the artists at Montmartre, becoming the heroines of paintings by Renoir and Manet.


Grisette is a classical composition with top notes of an armful of freshly cut roses. For the first time for decades, Lubin is using an alcolate obtained by macerating rose concrete. This preserves the most volatile notes that


mingle with hints of grapefruit to give a green sensation of fresh roses. Grisette then wraps one up in powdery, woody, and spicy notes before leaving a trail of amber and vanilla.



Top notes of Bergamot, Grapefruit, Bulgarian Rose and Moroccan Rose

Heart notes of Orris and Incense

Base notes of Cedarwood, Amber, Musk and vanilla.


Scent Type  Soft Floral

Year  2015


SIZE: 100ml

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