Harper Jewellery Swiss Blue Topaz Faceted Cushion Briolette

Harper Jewellery Swiss Blue Topaz Faceted Cushion Briolette

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Sourced from all corners of the world Harpers Emporium's range of jewellery features bold and brilliant gemstones set in precious metals, designes that best captures the mystique and beauty of these sparkling rainbow-hued gems.

A beautiful tribute to craftmanship and quality of natural gem stone, these stirling silver faceted Cushion cut Briolettes have been set with hand cut facets from the Highest Swiss Blue Topaz. Swiss Blue Topaz helps stimulate the throat chakra. It assists in bringing the the body, mind and spirit into umion. Channel relaxing Energies and fights off chaos.

Size: 12x12mm 

This piece of Harpers Emporium jewellery has been handcrafted with the utmost care using the finest precious metals and gemstones.


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